Treasures Shop // Melanie Hull Hairpin


We are SO excited drop this lil' pin into our Treasures Shop! My topknot doesn't leave the house without this pretty little pin to hold it into place. We are obsessed!! Melanie Hull has been so great to work with and we love all of the hard work that is put into every piece! You can tell by the plethora of photos in this blog post that there are so many steps to making jewelry, and so much heart put into it! 

On Monday we will be posting a top knot hair tutorial using one of these babies! It is seriously the best, and works for almost any hair type!! Melanie customized our very own hair pin with suns and arrows stamped into the top, aren't they adorable??


Melanie hand stamps all of her pieces creating a fun added touch! As Melanie was showing me around her studio, she kept showing me all different types of jewelry making processes and other fun projects. She is so talented, and taught me so much. Before she went into jewelry making, she took fashion in school and plans to make a linen t-shirt line. 


While we were waiting for the pins to shine up, we headed across the street to Melanie and Julia's "Neighbourhood" store. (Remember Julia, of Nettle's Tale? We collaborated on a bathing suit with her, see post here!) We love this store SO much, it is full of genuine local brands that work hard at what they do. A lot of the business collaborations we have done for Treasures Shop have products in the store, like Harlow- Pink House Natural Solutions, Nettles Tale, and Melanie's Jewelry! Their store is beautiful and we can't say enough how supportive Melanie and Julia have been to us and our business. They are full of joy and are always pouring encouragement over anyone who walks in the door. They are truly genuinely lovely and make their neighbourhood a better place. Check out their store in Mount Pleasant just off Main : 4301 Main Street, Vancouver, BC , and say Hello!  


Here's some more of Melanie's jewelry that she sells in their Neighbourhood store. I bought an eyeball earring that I haven't taken out since I bought it! Her jewelry is so unique and fun! Be sure to check out her website!


We grabbed a coffee and headed back (about 10 steps) to Melanie's studio to finish up the pin. 


It was time for a little buff & shine! Melanie is a perfectionist when it comes to each piece. She cares SO much about the quality of each pin and we just adore that about her work.


There we have it! Aren't they pretty? We can't wait for you to get your hands on them! You can purchase them in our shop HERE!! 

You can watch the whole process of the making of each pin down in the video below :)

THANKS MELANIE! You are such a bubbling joy and we can't wait to see where life takes you with all your upcoming aspirations for the store, and for future projects.