Hair Tutorial // Bobby Pin Inspo

Here's some bobby pin inspo for you! We love playing around with pins and it spices up any simple hairstyle, plus its easy! Add some spark to your locks with these simple tricks.

Thanks Kassandra of Kassinka for helping us out with these hair tutorials, check out her incredible hair blog! She has the best braids around.

Give your hair a bit of curl for extra volume.

Take to strands from the sides of your head and criss cross them into the back, and take one pin and diagonally pin it across both strands. Do the same to the other side creating an upside down V.

Once those two pins are secured, take your third bobby pin and place it across the bottom of the two pins creating a triangle! Viola! (credit to the lovely Brandi for this one >>)

I love the side pins! It is so simple and looks adorable. It's also a great tutorial for growing out and hiding your bangs as well! 

Simply create a big side part, pull your hair and twist it to the side, pin with as many pins as you'd like.