Hair Tutorial // Festival Braids

Festival Hair!!  All about those intertwined braids! It looks complicated, but its pretty simple! It helps if you have lots of hair- if you don't have thick locks like this lucky lady- (aka- I have such thin hair right now because I bleached it too much so it's constantly breaking AH) have some fun and throw in some hair extensions for some added festival volume!

Thanks to Kassandra from Kassinka for this incredible tutorial, we had so much fun collaborating on this one! 

First of all, start by forming one braid from the front of your hair and pulling it toward the back of your head as you braid, tie it up and do the same to the other side (leaving hair below it for a second braid) 

Pull out pieces of your braid to separate the braid adding extra volume. Tease it a bit with your fingers or a comb. 

Once you have two braids on each side, start a new braid at the top of your head, coming down the centre to the back of your head. 

Once the middle braid is far enough down, you can start adding the first side braids you did into the middle braid, braid it down and add the second side braids until it is one giant braid down the centre. 

Add a clear elastic at the end, or if your hair is textured you can knot the bottom, and backcomb it with a comb to secure it! 

Watch our youtube tutorial for some more help with these braids! Thanks Kassandra of Kassinka ! She's a braiding queen!