Let's Talk // Whistler Babymoon

Dan and I feel so privileged that we got to have a little weekend escape earlier this week! We headed up to Whistler on Sunday afternoon to help out with worship for a pastor and spouses retreat, and so we made it our little "babymoon." We had a lot of free time and got to enjoy a few days of sunshine, relaxation, reading, pool time, lots of eating, and pay-per-view movies. Lots of music was played, and I'm so happy baby K got to be surrounded by that for a few days. 

I'm due in just under 2 1/2 weeks. It feels pretty surreal! I think we finally feel prepared (as prepared as one can be before a major life change!?) We are just so excited. I'm ready for my world to be completely rocked. I can't wait for a Summer full of newborn cuddles, long nights, baby-wearing neighbourhood walks, and mojitos. Ah yes, cocktails, so soon. 

Being cheesy with my instax. I recently found a few packs of film while we were doing our big purge last month, so I've been trying to use it more. I love having these little tangible memories. 

Loving my new bag from Fawn Design. It's quality made and I love that it can be a backpack or worn with a long strap.

I have been devouring all of Ina May's books. I'm so happy I found out about her. They have completely changed my perspective on birth. I never had any strong opinions or ideas on what I wanted before being pregnant. A few months in I started reading Ina may's Guide To Childbirth, and it impacted me so much. We've been taking an amazing prenatal class called Connecting Pregnancy at the South Community Birth Program, and Dan and I both are always looking forward to the next class. We've learned so much, and after every group session we walk away wondering how people don't do this! It really makes us feel so much more confidant in what to expect for birth, what we want from it, things to prepare for, and they have amazing post-natal care as well, which I'm really excited about. I have only good things to say and highly recommend it if you're ever planning on having a baby in the Vancouver area!