Lets Talk // Lindsay "Things"

"The weight of your existence does not depend on you and your accumulations."

This may seem like an ironic quote from me as a "blogger" to write. Especially when I am wearing this awesome denim jacket from Ryder that I would like to present to you. There is nothing wrong with loving clothing and things, but they do not make you, you. These are things I have been learning lately as I've been thinking about God, my identity, and my belongings. 

It is a conversation Tegan and I have been having lately, about how to live uprightly and honestly through this blog. We want to be open and honest and build a community of trust around our posts. We care about clothes and things, and sometimes the way we make money is by presenting them to you! That's why we want you to know that we are trying our hardest to only work with businesses that we love to support. People who work hard and are passionate about their choices. 

We hope that we inspire you to be you. You are beautiful and everyone is unique in their own way. In the quote above, I see accumulations as in not only talking about clothes and things, but about the way that we see ourselves and our identities. Do we define ourselves through our Instagram accounts, and our "status" with our friends in our social media society? How many followers/likes we have and how cool we look. This also may seem ironic because this denim jacket makes me feel pretty cool, like I should be on Grease, sittin' with the boys combin' my hair and singing about lightening, but really. Just a thought: if all of these things were taken away from you, Instagram, your "style", your social media platforms... how would you then define yourself...? Who would be the one holding your identity? Would you know and be confident in who you are? 

Beauty blossoms in kindness, flourishes in thoughtfulness toward others, is present in laughter, thrives in confidence, and often loses itself in the love of money and things.

Thank you for responding so well to our honesty, and your feedback is always taken to our hearts. Hope you have an amazing weekend, you are beautiful!