Treasures Shop // Sweet Mint Confetti Soap + Cinder

So excited to introduce you to to our newest product - Sweet Mint Confetti Soap!! 

It was such a joy to collaborate with our good friend Alyssa of Soap + Cinder. She launched her shop/site last week, and has been slaving over perfecting her soaps, and we LOVE them. This confetti soap is so fun, and it smells soooo yummy. Speckled with different coloured chunks of soap, our Sweet Mint Confetti bar smells like citrusy grapefruit and sweet mint. Mmm the perfect summer scent!

Alyssa started making soaps in her beautiful house (which I got to visit a few months ago, and test out a few samples of what she was cooking up) in Portland, Oregon. 

She believes in having the highest quality ingredients in her soaps, and has a strong belief in having a product that is good and healthy for your skin. If you want to read more about what is in her soaps, head on over to her About Page to learn.

Not only is Soap + Cinder a company committed to quality products, but also to give back. 10% of all their profits goes to Charity Water! 

We had so much fun testing and smelling all of Alyssa's soaps, we couldn't stop "ooing" and "aawhhhing" over them. They are just so delicious.

You can buy our Sweet Mint Confetti soap HERE!

Thank you Alyssa of Soap + Cinder, you ROCK! <3