What Lindsay Wore // Ryder


Tegan and I headed to one of my favourite places - Whytecliff Park! It is on the far west end of North Vancouver, close to the ferry terminal. It is such a beautiful little getaway. There is a path full of rocks that you hop to and from, up to a giant rock island! Such a gem. There are always seals by the rocks, and plenty of starfish. 


Last time I visited this beach, there was a scuba diving lesson going on! There were around 20 people in the glistening water with scuba gear near sunset. They looked like astronauts, about to enter an unknown world down there. I got so excited about their multicoloured shiny tanks, and flippers that my Dad (coupon king) bought me a groupon for a lesson! I went with my friend Holly just before Christmas this past year, and it was an incredible experience. Being under water, breathing and just swimming around was such a crazy thing. You know its possible but once you experience it, it is quite surreal. 


I love these overalls from Ryder!! Tegan and I fell in love with this Australian company- all of their clothing are such good quality and super unique. The bottoms even clip off so you can wear them just as pants! Looooove the 2 in one!


Get these Overalls //  Ryder Label