Tegan's Bedroom Makeover // Making Room for 3!

I'm so excited to finally share our finished bedroom with you! Dan and I put a lot of work into making our room cozy, comfy, and spacious enough for 3! We often get asked where we're going to be putting our new family member, and have gotten a few worried looks when I tell people we live in a 1 bedroom apartment. Until the last few months, our bedroom was always my least favourite room in our apartment, we collected random dressers and pieces and never invested much time or money into making this a comfy space! When we found out I was pregnant we quickly started planning ways to make this space more practical, better ways for organizing and somewhere I'd actually love to be, because I'm going to be spending a lot more time here in the months to come.

So I thought I'd share a few practiacl ways we found to utilize the space we have, one key thing is vertical space. You've got to utilize that!

I used to have an Ikea hanging rack in this space, so we got rid of that and made our own hanging rack! It cost us about $12 using copper pieces and rope from Home Depot. We did lots of purging to make this possible, and instead of having all of my clothes hanging up, we got some storage containers and put away the winter clothes and made room in our somewhat tiny closet for the two of us to share. It always feels good to get rid of clothes, and only hold onto things I actually wear or absolutely love! Also, how cute are these little clothes on that rack! ahh I can't wait to fill it up.

This Ikea storage piece is perfect, not only does it match perfectly (if you haven't noticed I'm obsessed with this colour!) but it's perfect for keeping filled with diapers, wipes, sleepers, and way too many baby shoes. I love this alternative to a bulky dresser, it's tiny and still holds a lot. 

The prettiest String shelf from Blake & Riley! Again, the colour matches our room and apartment so well. It's the perfect fit for this little wall space that we can now use to keep books, baby lotions, and of course more baby shoes.   

This is one way that hugely changed the functionality of this space! We sold our old low to the ground ikea bed frame and bought this ikea one that was a lot higher. This allowed us to get rid of our dresser and bulky bedside tables and instead, store all of those clothes under our bed in baskets. These are so great, and I'm so happy my mom thought up this idea! 

Dan also built in a bunch of shelves into the back and sides of our closet for shoes, that made a huge difference and clears up so much room from the floor in our closet (where we used to keep them).

Lots of baskets! We bought the white ones under our bed from Ikea, and the other ones on our shelf from Home Sense. 

I'm still in love with this shelf! See the DIY here >> 

So that's it! We have more than enough space for our little family. We have way less clutter, a lot more storage, and a peaceful, pretty space that I love. It didn't cost us a whole lot either thanks to lots of ikea and home depot runs! And of course an amazing husband who builds things.