Treasures Shop // Harlow Soda Pop Body Whip

Horray!! We are so happy to announce our 6th product into Treasures Shop! We collaborated with Harlow to bring you Soda Pop Body Whip. We are obsessed with this scent, and it is perfect for summer. Check it out in the shop here

Chrystal let us help a bit in the process of making the body butter! I love how we have been able to watch and be apart of all of the products so far. It is really special to join up with these amazing businesses and see how much work they put into every single product they produce.

We are in love with this body whip! I am obsessed with all things rootbeer - from slushies to chapstick, and this smells just like it. It is crazy how a body whip can smell fizzy...?! It is quite a special, magical, summer scent!

We absolutely adore everything about Harlow, and are thrilled to have our very own body whip <3.

Shop our Soda Pop body butter here!