Lately Lovings // Summer Necessities

Ah. Summer is just around the corner. These are a few beach necessities we're loving lately. Today was the first day I went for a walk without a sweater on, t-shirt weather, hallelujah! 

1. Triangl Bikini! Can't wait to get a beachin' this ones perfect for tanning. 
2. This notebook - Talk about a creative & inspiring company, they make a limited amount of a new product each month. There were only 100 of these beautiful notebooks made, and completely by hand! 
3. I had never tried anything like this Spin Brush, but it's been exfoliating my skin and really helps take my makeup off. I don't use it everyday because my skin's quite sensitive, but it feels like a mini facial, pretty fun. 
4. My favourite beach spray right now. Gives great texture, and smells ahhh-mazing
5. We can't get enough of these hair pins
6. Loving my Bison Shop little aztek clutch, perfect for keeping sand away from important things!
7. Instax, Summer staple, I found two packs of film when going through my apartment, major score. 
8. Ilia gloss in "back to life." Been loving this fun & bright pop of colour on my lips!

Also, just a side-thought,I love putting these posts together. These are items and products that we truly love and are excited to share with you, (this isn't a sponsored post)!