Hair Tutorial // Gold Clip

We are loving big chunky hair clips lately! Here are two ways to rock it.

Give yourself a dramatic side part. Comb over your hair/bangs and slip that clip in.

If you are growing out your bangs, this is a great way to help out the process! It's an easy way to hide stray ends/fringe, just tuck those suckers under your swooped over hair and clip 'em down.

You guys got to check out this girls blog. Kassandra has been working with us for all our upcoming hair tutorials, and she has been SO fun to work with. We have had great coffee dates planning and scheming all things hair and we are loving it. Check out her hair blog here!

Pull back half of your hair, separate into two strands, and twist the hair together.

Add the clip to the bottom of the twist! SO simple, so cute. 

(believe it or not, we picked up these gold clips for $2 at Ardenes! They have super cheap hair accessories and you can find some killer gold/silver clips.

Shout out to Julia Iredel!! She has the most amazing mane I have ever seen, and half of it is even chopped off!