Lets Talk// Lindsay Update

Lately, Tegan and I have been learning soooo much. It is really something special to be experiencing such lows and highs at the exact same time. It really challenges you and shows you what type of soil your feet are planted in. Happiness and sorrow suddenly intertwined as we balance the anticipation of a beautiful new baby, while also walking alongside our Mother in her journey. 

I would like to share with you, if you don't mind, a conversation I had with my beautiful Mother a few months ago. Reflecting back on it, It came at a harder, more valuable time than any. The cancer hasn't been looking good, and it is constantly spreading. 

Her words and wisdom have always taught me so much; so, I would like to share them with you-with anyone struggling. Don't let it harden your heart. It is okay to feel it all, as my good friend says, "feel your feels", but then don't get stuck there. 

Karen Sjoberg, our wise mother in the midst of her treatment:
"God is teaching me about being content. It is hard to be content in the place I am at- in this home, in this room, I can't leave. All I think about is what I can eat and what pills I need to take at what time. Yet I need to be content. We always think we would be, if only we had more money, straighter hair, a marriage, a better marriage, a good job, or a baby.. but then once you reach those things you so desired, more responsibility is added onto you and all of a sudden you are no longer content. You always strive to be in a different place, further and better than where you are at. How can God bless me if I am not content with where I am at? I'm not sure if the chemo will work- if I will live one year, twenty years, or two weeks, I need to be content. We have to find that place."

It is important to take our eyes off ourselves, and look around. Everyone is/will be dealing with pain, insecurity and loss. You are never alone. It is important to keep your chin up, keep moving your feet. Even if an inch is all you can handle. Keep moving forward. Trust, that life is still beautiful, even when what you see ahead scares the sh*t out of you. (So much so, that you say the "S" word in front of thousands of people and don't care to bat an eye.) 

Keep your head up.