Pastel Nails DIY

Here's a fun & colourful way to dress up your nails this Summer! These are 3 of my favourite nail polish colours from essie, I've actually almost used up all of the coral colour!

I painted the first coat the night before, if you're layering coats of paint, and using some sort of sticker or tape on your nail, it's better to give it plenty of time to dry so the bottom layer doesn't chip off or smudge with the tape.

I used these easy manicure strips across the center of my nail, they're cheap at any store, and easier than just using tape because they're a bit less sticky, and have a subtle natural curve that matches your nails

Once the second layer is dry, peel off the stickers, and add a clear top cot.

The final and most important step, eat lots of ice cream and popsicles, because it looks so darn cute ;)