Little Town Stacking Blocks

I was SO excited when I saw these adorable baby building blocks from Mer Mag Blog! 
Her blog is awesome, and I got so much DIY inspiration for Tegan's Baby Shower last week. 

You'll need:

- 4 inch x 4 inch piece of wood
- Sand Paper
- Acrylic Paint
*NON-TOXIC Be SURE the label says non-toxic, I wouldn't use anything that doesn't say so on the label. Deco Art is good and certified non-toxic. Be sure to double check the ingredients and make sure there is no mercury, arsenic, or cadmium
- Paint Brushes
- Gloss Glaze - Also important it is a *Non-toxic glaze. Americana Triple Thick Gloss Glaze is certified non-toxic.

First thing is to go into Home Depot, or any place you can find hardwood, and pick up a long piece of 4x4  - make sure it is a wood that is non-toxic. (It is rare that it would be but since I was making baby blocks, I wanted to be extra careful, some outside wood can be toxic). 

Using a table saw, cut the wood into 6 square pieces. For 3 of the pieces I cut them an extra couple cm longer because you will be angling the saw to create a point (the roof).

I used a concrete sand block to smooth out all edges of the wooden blocks. Make sure all sides are completely smooth! You don't want the child to get slivers! 

Now for the fun part! Start painting your blocks! 

After you are all done painting, and the paint is dry- Its time to gloss those babies up! Using a non-toxic glaze, cover all sections of the blocks using a paint brush, and leave them to dry. 

Viola! These will be perfect for Tegan's baby when he/she is a year or so old ;) a gift a bit too pre-mature, but they sure are adorable! If you have any questions, please comment below!