Tegan's Baby Shower

OH BABY! I had my first baby shower on Saturday that Lindsay threw and it was incredible. There's something so fun and special about hanging out with all your best girl friends, eating doughnuts and talking about birth and babies! This baby is so loved already and has so many amazing aunties in his/her life, I'm SO incredibly grateful. The last week a new depth of realization has definitely sunk in that this is really happening, June is going to be a month like none other. Life is going to completely change. I'm so ready, so excited and can't wait to find out WHAT this baby is! 

Lindsay made baby these block houses, aren't they so freaking adorable! DIY coming to the blog later this week. I'm in love with these. 

All my favourite lady friends, so lucky to have them in my life. 

How adorable and big is little Poppy! Miss seeing this little doll every week, she's a squeaky little munchkin. 

Thank you beautiful ladies for spoiling me rotten. I feel so much more prepared now that I have some soothers, lots of swaddles and adorable clothes for baby K. <3