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Something I've been listening to: 

I saw a band from Portland a couple nights ago called "Wishyunu". It is a two piece band, one girl on electric/ piano and a dude on drums. Such an inspiring band to see live, the drummer was incredible and I was just mesmorized by the girl playing electric and three different synths at one time. So fun.  Another new band I am loving is called "Radiation City" from Portland as well. Give them a listen!  


Hey guys! 

I'm not too sure how exciting this will be to any of you, but it is probably the greatest purchase of my life, (this week anyway) I got a loft bed! I live in a two bedroom apartment and my room is incredibly small, I had been searching for a loft bed for ages! I found one on craigslist and the night I went to pick it up, somehow over email I sketched out the girl I was getting it from and she cancelled the meet up. She thought I was an older man who wanted her more than this loft bed, it was a tragic misunderstanding, ANYWAY- after finding a new bed on craigslist, this loft bed is the best most hilarious thing. First of all, it is WAY too close to the ceiling. I can't sit up, and I have awoke in the middle of the night to hitting my head against my roof.. apparently I sit up straight in my sleep?? (creepy) Also, the fire/sprinkler system happens to be right by my legs.... HA... let's hope I don't wake up to a rude shower one night. 

I am loving having a space of my own, where I actually have a desk, room to work and read. I love it, although I really do feel like a kid again, climbing up and down my ladder every morning is a funny way to wake up. Also, my bed squeaks A LOT. I think I missed a couple screws..... 


This week, Tegan and I were invited to go to a floral event at Whole Foods Vancouver and picked out these beautiful flowers to get us all excited and thinking about Mothers Day. Can't wait to celebrate our beautiful Mother next weekend. It will be an extra special one this year.


Loving this t-shirt from Balm Apparel. All their tee's are so fun and sassy. 


I am so in love with all my natural products from Pink House Organics. These are my absolute favourite that I use everyday! The peppermint lip balm I have been adding on top of a dark purple lip pencil, and it works great for a fun lipstick look that lasts a long time! The deodorant, dry shampoo, and spearmint eucalyptus lotion are apart of my daily routine. That lotion is one of my favourite smells of ALL TIME. I can't get enough of it! 

Have you seen our "Oh Honey" honeycomb bracelet?? I am so excited about this product and we had so much fun with the design. I just think anything to do with honey bees has magic written all over it.


A friend gave me this book "Crash the Chatterbox" and I have really enjoyed reading it. It is all about perspective on what you are allowing yourself to believe and how it is affecting your thinking. It is about recognizing the things that you are allowing yourself to be defined by. Whether you are living happily out of truth, or stunted by lies that are built up by your insecurity. I think it is easy to let your insecurities take over and convince you that you are a certain way and theres nothing you can do about it. But i truly believe that most of our insecurities are built up around lies that we choose to believe about ourselves. This book is about recognizing those lies and learning to overcome them.


Hope you all have a fantastic week! 


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