Treasures Shop // Oh Honey Bracelet with Fresh Tangerine

Oh Honey!! Check out that bracelet! We collaborated with an incredibly talented jewelry design company called Fresh Tangerine. We absolutely adore their products, and we're so happy they were just as excited to create this honeycomb bracelet with us! 

Tegan and I set off to Seattle to meet the lovely ladies behind Fresh Tangerine, and we had such a great time with them. They are all so friendly and it was such a happy work environment.  We were in awe of their beautiful DIY-filled studio and sweet lavender cookies, we never wanted to leave! 

The best part about all of these shop collaborations is that we get to see the process from start to finish. How rare is it to actually own a product that you have seen made before your very eyes! That was REALLY important to us regarding our shop. We want to highlight these amazing companies, and show how much hard work, thoughtful care, and colourful intent that goes into each product, from start to finish. 

You can check out Fresh Tangerine's other jewelry here! Please make sure you do, their designs are delicate and so beautiful!! (Insert 10 million heart eyes here).


 You can buy our Oh Honey Bracelet HERE! (Insert heart eyes again.. right here ;))