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We are SO excited to introduce this product into our shop. Like....SO excited. This is our all-time favourite dry shampoo. I wouldn't trade it for any other. The best thing about this product is that it is so personally connected to us. Our beautiful Mother and Aunty Tracy created this product along with many incredible natural products with their business Pink House Organics. 


We had a great time having our Aunt come and show us how the dry shampoo was made. Our Mother would have been here with us, but she is currently in the hospital continuing her battle with cancer. We wish she could have been with us on the couch for this photo shoot,  but instead we filled her in with conversation and photos of our visit with Aunty at the hospital the next day. 


When our Mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, she chose to completely change her diet. She started a raw food diet, and the knowledge and recognition of what she put in her body, made her that much more aware of what she was putting on it. Hours and hours of research, trial, error, and prayer goes into each product until it is perfected. We are lucky to try out every product along the way and give our feedback and opinions! SO fun. We are so, so proud of our Aunt and our Mom, and it is so cool for us each to have a business with our sisters! Sister power!


We love all of their products! They are sold at such a great and affordable price, I bet you will not be able to find natural and organic products THAT WORK for this price. Tegan and I use the deodorant "Pit Potion" every day, we love it, a natural deodorant that actually works! We love their face lotion, face wash, and I can't say enough about their spearmint eucalyptus foaming soap, it smells SO good! Tegan and I both love the lipgloss. Teg's favourite is the peppermint pie (I just asked her and she said she uses it "all day every day") My favourite would have to be the Peach Penny or the Red Velvet. The Red Velvet is so red, and stays on your lips! Its a good and healthy alternative if you like that bold lipstick look! We love the lip gloss so much we are actually going to be designing one of our own for the shop, coming up very soon!! eeee!!! 


It is so cool to be able to collaborate with your family. I got the pleasure of designing the pink house logo for my aunt and Mom (with the help of my bff Claire) and Tegan then designed all of the labels and branding for every product, as well as take product photos and help set up their website. 


The name Pink House Organics came from a very personal story of the house that we grew up in. You guessed it, it was PINK, bright pink. We lived in this house for 11 years, it was our childhood home, a very magical place. Our Grandma lived below us in the ground suite for those 11 years, and our Aunty Tracy even lived there for a while! My Aunt & Mom decided to name their business after the home that we are all so deeply rooted and connected from. The actual house is now sadly torn down, but the story lives on, through us and through this business! There is so much love and care in this company for living well, and being healthy and aware. We are just so grateful to represent a company we are so connected and in love with.

You can buy our Lazy Locks Dry Shampoo HERE!

Watch the video below for a very personal conversation with our Aunt about Pink House Organics, how it started, why it started, and the importance of being well. 

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