Let's Talk // Tegan

Other than warm Summer days, Spring takes the cake for my favourite time of year. My body, and well-being live for Summer, but nothing beats the beauty of cherry blossom lined roads and flowers popping up at every round-about. The transition from a dead, cold winter to a bright and cheerful Spring is something that amazes me every year.

I'm a bit of a cheeseball and look for metaphors in everything, so naturally I have really been anticipating this season. I'm moving into a huge transition, probably the biggest in my twenty-six years of living. Becoming a mother, oh man, it is something else. I know I have hardly seen a glimpse of it, but even through this transition, the things my body does to grow this tiny human is astounding. Pregnancy starts to teach you how to become selfless, you stop eating certain things, you're sick, uncomfortable, your body changes, grows, stretches, itches, hurts, but it really has played a big role in preparing me to put my needs aside and do whatever it takes to make sure this baby is comfortable and taken care of. 


Now that the blossoms are slowly falling off of the trees and green leaves are taking over, I'm counting down the weeks until Summer draws closer and so does this little Klenner!