Ramblin' Rose Recipe // Irish Rose Coffee

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We're excited to bring you another recipe from the ladies of Ramblin' Rose, the Pop Up Cafe on Wheels! 

On the road... Be prepared and keep it simple. A crate of your favorite coffee & tea fixings will doctor up any bakery bought sweet or local food finds. With a camping stove and a teapot you'll do the trick to get something warm in your belly & leave you with no dishes to clean. That leads to the next key to eating on the road... savor the road and the new foods you find along the road. Make the food you eat part of the memories, so when you go back you look forward to having that local cheese & crusty bread or those handmade chocolates from a local grocer. Or better yet when you're wanting a quick escape and you come across them back home, all you got to do is take a bite.

Irish Rose Coffee

You'll need per cuppa:
1-2 teaspoons raw sugar
Splash of Irish whiskey (we used Jameson)
Cup of Joe

For cream:
1/2 pint of heavy cream
Pint size canning jar with tight lid

To make:

- Add cream to pint jar, screw lid tight & shake until soft peaks ( listen to the change in sound, the cream won't be splashing as it thickens)
- Brew coffee the way you like to on the road; with french press, espresso with hot water (americano) or pour over coffee.
- Add sugar to mug, we did about 1 teaspoon for less sweet
- Add splash of whiskey
- Pour in coffee
- Top with thickened cream & dried rose buds

Local Nosh Board: 

ACME Pain Au Levain Bread 
Cowgirl Creamery St. Pat cheese (nettle wrapped cheese)
Marcona almonds 
St. Benoit Creamery yogurt 
Raw honey 
Fresh lavender 

Thanks ladies for sharing this delicious recipe! Can't wait to give this one a try!

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