Slip into Cozy

It has been so fun to be on the road! Lindsay and I haven't been on a road trip together in years, since we did a 3 week trip down to San Diego about 5 years ago. We stayed at this insanely cozy cabin in the woods near the Oregon Coast earlier this week and it was so refreshing. We got lost about a dozen times trying to find it without our maps and an out-of-date GPS, but that lead us to a moonlit ocean drive, accompanied by the perfect song. I love moments like that, ones you couldn't have planned better if you tried. We woke up to the light of the sun and cooked oatmeal over a wood fire, that we finally got going, (fire's are not our expertise, we realized!)

We spent the day in Portland yesterday, and today are heading back to the Coast for a few days of hopefully sitting by the ocean, reading, and unwinding. 


We are in LOVE with these incredible slippers that saved our frozen toes. Thanks Minnetonka <3

There is nothing we love more than promoting our favourite Canadian companies like Campbrand goods which provide the perfect attire for our cozy cabin experience!