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My goodness, it's almost April! These last few weeks (when I'm not working) have been spent at home in cozy slippers watching Netflix. Life has been busy, it's been SO much fun going on a few roadtrips with my sis, and we have some exciting things up our sleeves, so these next few weeks will be busy, busy, busy, as it all comes together! I'm starting to slow down at the cafe, cutting back on some shifts and I gave my notice, so I'm excited to spend these next few months bringing it down a few gears. Focus more of my time and energy on getting ready to be a mom, give birth, prepare our home for baby Klenner, and for this big transition.

I am so excited for this Summer. It's going to be like none other, and I have no idea what to expect. I'm excited to wear high waisted jeans again, heck, any of my jeans, I had to add another pair to the pile of unwearable clothing today. I said it before, but it really is crazy seeing your body change so drastically. How it can suddenly be quite difficult to pick up that spoon you just dropped or to tie your shoe. I say suddenly because it feels like as of this last week, so many things have become a much bigger challenge! Trying to maneuver through the small local grocery market last night ended up being a gong show, and I bumped into way too many people and knocked over too many loaves of bread. I'm sure it will be wayyy easier with a baby right? ;)

This past week I met up for coffee to catch up with my friend Alex, we shared a bit of her story last year when she was running her Indiegogo campaign called "An Army of Hearts." She is a beautiful woman full of encouragement and joy. She gave these Love > Cancer bracelets to Lindsay and I, and I haven't taken it off since. Every time I notice it, or catch myself fiddling with it, it's a beautiful reminder of my amazing mother, how strong she is, and reminds me to send prayers her way throughout the day.  

A few of my favourite things:
Slippers // Perfect White tee // Rope Necklace

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