Lets Talk // Lindsay


Hey guys!

The thing I love about these Let's Talk posts, is that it allows me to reflect on my week, what I've been learning, and actually take a moment to gather my thoughts.

I have been having a lot of quiet time lately- mainly because my roomie has been gone for a while. These quiet mornings have caused me to pick up my guitar, pull out all my music gear and start writing songs again. Its so important to have creative outlets, whatever that may look like for you. Whether thats writing, painting, reading, anything to sort of capture your mind in a new way.

If you are wondering what that giant hunk of wool is doing in my living room- It was a spur of the moment purchase a few months ago. I saw this photo of a woman knitting this giant blanket with HUGE thick unwoven wool. I researched it and that day bought 7 pounds of wool from a sheep farm in Montana. I was with my parents at the time and they looked at me like i was psychotic. (I had just bought a scuba diving class - I think they definitely thought I was having some sort of mid-20's "I DONT KNOW WHO I AM OR WHAT I WANT TO DO WITH MY LIFE" crisis. ) Anyway, hopefully you will see a giant blanket DIY soon. 

I have been listening to SO many podcasts lately. If you are new to podcasts, This American Life is a really great place to start. We will give you a few more specific recommendations in an upcoming post this week! I have been seriously considering recording some podcasts myself. So far I have a recorder, and a million thoughts. Time to get it down on paper and see where that takes me.


I was feelin the ALL BLACK today, black clothes, black mug, I even drank my coffee black.  I got this fun t-shirt from Balm! Check it out their awesome sassy tees. Also, I got this bracelet off of an incredible Vancouver designer Sara Armstrong. We dropped by her pop up shop and her line of clothing was VERY cool and inspiring, take a look at it here. 


Talk so soon,