DIY // Metallic Tattoo Hack

Don't you just loooove when you find a DIY or recipe on Pinterest that you're dying to try only to find that the source leads to someone's Tumblr or just a random page? Well that happened when I saw these pretty metallic candles! So we thought we would try it out ourselves and see if it would really work, and like magic, it sure did. These are SO fun and pretty, we were amazed by how easily the paper just slid off of the candle if you let it sit long enough. What a fun way to dress up candles, picture frames, pots, anything around your house. I kind of want to go stick metallic temporary tattoos on everything now!

1. Cut around the tattoo you want to add to your object.
2. Peel off clear backing.
3. Stick onto area you want it added to.
4. Hold down with a damp cloth until the paper is soaked through.
5. Let sit for about 30 seconds, it will come off a lot easier if you let it sit.
6. Peel off the paper!

We tried it on plant pots and notepads, and it worked perfectly on both! 

Now to see if I ever burn these pretty things!

Thanks Balsam and Vine for the pretty tattoos, get them here >>