A Month On The Road // Oregon Coast Road Trip

The Oregon Coast is such a beautiful place! I (Tegan) had only visited in the wintertime, so didn't really get much beach time, and Lindsay had only spent an afternoon at Cannon Beach while on tour a few years back. It was so fun to discover this ^ insanely beautiful beach, sand dunes, eat at as many small town diners as we could, do a little thrifting, listen to podcasts, and marvel at the ever changing coastline as we drove along the 101. 

Our first stop was this amazing Airbnb in Nehalem, Oregon. (find it here). We got very lost finding our way here. of course. We drove in a circles, almost ran out of gas, our gps led us very astray, but eventually we found our way there. The moon was insanely bright that night and it was so magical driving along the windy, twisting roads, seeing deer and tall trees shining in the light of it. 

After a good nights sleep, we woke up and made ourselves a wood fire, we finally got it going (not our #1 skill, but we eventually figured it out!) We cooked oatmeal over the fire and made coffee, it was such a nice, quiet getaway. 

Seriously, this little cabin is a dream, I really want to come back here in the Summer. 

Almost every piece of this tiny house was salvaged, most of it from within ten miles of where the house sits. Small details and decorations were created by local artists, even going so far that the paper in the Japanese lanterns was hand made seven miles from here. They milled most of the timber on-site.  The Japanese Forest house lives on a small organic permaculture farm. It is powered by renewable energy from the sun and from our creek and warmed by a wood stove. So cool.

Next we headed into Portland, our first stop was Pip's Donuts, oh man, we got the Chai Flight and it was SO good. Best chai we've had, such interesting flavours and the mini donuts were so good. For dinner we grabbed pizza at Oven and Shaker, it was delicious, our favourite was the maple pig. 

Then we headed back to the coast. We went pretty far south, just past a small town called Reedsport. Spent a few days on the beach, playing in the sand dunes, dipping our toes in the ocean, and enjoying the sunshine. 


We booked a deluxe yurt at Umpqua Lighthouse Park, it was awesome. I think it is the only State park with deluxe yurts on the coast, I will definitely be doing this again! Basically it's the same as a regular yurt, but with a bathroom, hot shower, and a fridge/microwave. In the Summer, a regular one would be great, but with chilly nights, having a bathroom close by was worth the extra few bucks (especialllllly being pregnant!) Also, they sleep 7! I really want to come back in the Summer with a group of friends, that would be so fun. 

We spent our last day driving up the Coast, finding cute little drive-thru cafe's, and listening to Serial. Podcast's are so great for road trips.