Snacks for the Road // Aloha

Right before we left on our trip we got our hands on some Aloha goodness! Oh my, these were the perfect snacks for our trip! One thing we've both learned and experienced firsthand is how easy it is to eat terribly while on the road. So we thought we would share a few of our favourite healthy road trip snacks.

- I made a bunch of these granola bars for our trip, and have been making them regularly, they're full of good things and unlike most store-bought granola bars are a lot lower in sugar.
Aloha Superfood Chocolate bars. I'm sorry, did you say, healthy chocolate? Yes! Click that link to find out all the benefits of this chocolate bar, it's totally guilt-free, natural, and delicious, so many things we stand behind! I'm so excited to discover this, I'm glad we stocked up before the trip because it saved us from indulging in oh henry's or sugar-filled peanut butter cups.
Fruit and veggies, we tried to stop at a grocery store in the morning and stock up on some apples, oranges, carrots and hummus for a good driving snack. Dried fruit as well, or trail mix, great for snacking and will fill you up!
- These supplements are great for when you can't always eat fresh, throw them in a bottle of water at a rest stop, it'll keep you feeling great, (we tried them, they're delicious)!

I'm really excited that we found a few ways to stay healthier while being on the road, hopefully this gives you some inspiration for your next road trip! Being pregnant on this adventure made me so much more conscious of what I was eating and forced me to put more effort into keeping the junk food to a minimum.