Valentines Hair // The "I love you" Do!


Valentines Day is tomorrow! Here is the perfect "I love you" hearted hair-do that will woo all the other braids. Follow these simple instructions (You might need an extra helping hand or two) <3

Happy Valentines Day all you beautiful babes! 


- Part the top section of your hair into two equal parts (leaving a chunk of hair in front for extra braid steps later) 
- Braid one side of your hair and loosen the braid with your fingers, piecing it apart to thicken the braid (You can use a comb to create a more messy braid)
- Lift the braid up toward the top of your head and spin it around creating a loop, press it against your head and pin it in place.


- Repeat the braid on the other side of your head and pin it in place at the bottom, creating a heart with the two braids.
- With the extra hair on the sides, create two more braids, take the first one across the bottom of the heart to cover up the pins, and secure tightly. Repeat with the other braid and tuck the end underneath the opposite braid.
-To cover up any extra bobby pins, Take any remaining hair from the front of your head and loop it around each side, placing it slightly under the braids.


Here is a romantic braided hairstyle, perfect to spark up your hair-do for Valentines Day. 


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