Let's Talk

So here's a little something silly for your weekend! The burst mode on the new iphone's self cam is our new best friend, it took us way too long to get one photo ;) but the hilarious outtakes make it all worth it.

We can't tell you how embarrassed we were at first, to walk into the lobby of a building with a Starbucks next door and start jumping around. (You can't pass up a photo-op when theres a space like this) Sometimes you just have to repeat out loud to yourself "No shame, right? No shame" as you watch your sister jump like a psycho into the air over and over. It's worth the concerned stares from the old lady sitting outside of Starbucks and the dozens of passer-by's...right?...?

We're really excited to start up a weekend series called "Let's Talk." We've been talking for so long about finding a way to incorporate a weekly update post sort of like our "Coffee Conversations" back in the day. We love connecting with our readers, sharing a bit more about our lives and being more raw and real around here. Blogging (and social media) is such a funny place because you can really choose to present your life as you want others to see it, and so often we only show the best parts and we really want to do our best job to paint a full picture of who we are!

So every Sunday, Lindsay and I will be taking turns or doing it together, sharing an update on what's going on, silly stories, hard things, or fun adventures that life takes us on! If there are things you want to know, or want us to talk about, let us know. We love your feedback and ideas!
- Tegan