DIY // Ombre Bed Canopy

I always find myself getting ancy with my space this time of year. The new year brings so many changes and with that I’m always looking for ways to rearrange and reimagine my home. It always starts when all the Christmas decor is put away and new ideas spark for projects and it usually ends with my entire home rearranged! This bed canopy is a fun and easy way to completely change your space, and you can get creative with different colours that match your space perfectly.

I  did very basic knots to make the triangle pattern, have fun with it and get creative with some macrame or braiding!

what you need:

  • a piece of jersey fabric - depending how long you want it to hang, I used 6 meters.

  • fabric dye

  • a pot or bucket to dye your fabric

  • scissors

  • rope

  • nails

1. tie a knot with string to mark the spot where you want the dye to stop.

2. Rinse the part you want to dye in water and wring out excess water so the fabric is damp. lower it all into your dye, up until the line you marked with the string

3. Let it sit for a few seconds and then pull out one fourth of the fabric you’re dyeing. Wait a few more minutes and pull out another fourth. So you have half of it still in the dye.

4. Leave a fourth of it sitting in the dye for 5-6 minutes. and then rinse it all out in a sink.

5. Once you’ve rinsed out all the dye, hang the fabric to dry or throw it in the dryer.

6. Cut the fabric into 1” strips. You can measure where you are going to be hanging it first to make sure the strips are the length that you want them.

7. To make the knotted pattern, starting on one end, take two pieces and tie a loose basic knot. Tie one more knot, and continue this pattern across your fabric.

8. Repeat the loose double knot ties, but with alternating pieces, so it makes the shape of a diamond. Repeat this across the fabric. 

Continue this pattern as many times as you like. Have fun with it, you could tie the whole thing, or even leave it at just one tie.

There you go! Hang the canopy using rope and nails, drape it over the rope and secure it on the ceiling with another piece of rope