A Month of Home // My Favourite Corner - Laura Bancroft


For our "A Month of Home" series, we asked a few of our blogger friends to share with us the favourite corner of their home. Hopefully you gain some inspiration and fun ideas for your own home! 


Meet Laura!! 

She is a good friend of ours in who also lives in Vancouver. Here are some questions we asked  her about her beautiful space.

1. Tell us a bit about you and your blog!

Hey T+T readers! A little about me: My name is Laura Bancroft. I currently live in Vancouver, BC and have a lifestyle blog called PiperWinston.com. It's my tiny spot on the interweb to share photos, adventures, recipes, music and anything else that inspires me. Content Creation + Curation are my passions and the blog gives empowers me to maintain creativity in my daily life. I was born equally enthralled by escaping into the outdoors as cultivating creativity, style and decor at home. As a relatively shy person, the blog has been a great way to open up dialogue with others about topics that truly pique my interest.



2. Where is this, and why is this your favourite spot?

I'm sharing a sneak peek into our sunroom at the from of our home - adjacent to our main living room/dining space. I adore this nook because it's designed purely for escaping and relaxing. It's filled with light dawn to dusk, year round. We added a daybed that converts into a full size bed, which means we basically have no reason to ever want to leave this room (dangerous).


3. What do you spend the most time doing here?

Relaxing! We're usually drinking coffee, reading, cozying in for a nap or working from our laptops/iPads. No matter what the weather, pouring rain, the rare Vancouver snowfall, or a super hot day with the windows open wide, it's the best place to take it in. It's really nice to have a spot in our home that is surrounded by green - a mini-break from the city.


 4. Tell us a bit more about your home, how long have you lived here, what are your favourite features about it?

Tyler (my partner) and I have lived together in this building for over 4 years now. We dreamed of the unit we're living in now for the first 2 years and when it came available we couldn't pass it up. My two favourite things about our home are the constant natural light and location (Mt.Pleasant). Just a few minutes on your bicycle, by way of tree-lined streets, and you're at some of the most amazing local startups (breweries, coffee shops, restaurants and more). Being bored is never an issue living where we do!