DIY Ikea Couch Hack

Tegan and I were so excited to try out  this DIY IKEA Couch Hack!

We were looking all over, trying to find a couch for our studio, but we were on a tight budget so we figured.. let's build our own! Easier said than done, but once we figured out our game plan, it was actually quite simple! 

We bought a single bed frame from Ikea for $40 (You can see what one we purchased here)
We then had a single mattress stored away, so we used that - the firmer the mattress the better.

Step 1 : Cut off the backboard of the bed (YES WE KNOW - we used a hack saw, but that's all we had!)

We measured the bed, bought a piece of plywood from Home Depot, and drilled it to the back of the bed frame. 

I didn't even know that foam stores existed until this project, and it was quite the funny experience picking out the perfect piece of foam. The store manager was there and he told us he had been in the foam business for 30 years and It seemed like we learned everything there was to know about foam in the 25 minutes we were there. 

We used a special foam glue that you can get at home depot - use the bottle instructions to glue the foam to the plywood. We tilted the bed on its side, and left it to dry over night. 

We then went out and bought this beautiful (and it happened to be super cheap! $30) fabric from across the street. We measured the couch and bought a bit extra so we could make matching pillows if we wanted. 

We didn't have a super calculated way of doing this, we sort of pulled, and glued and pulled and used a giant staple gun. We pulled up the mattress and stapled the fabric to the bottom of the bed to secure the fabric as tight as we could. 

There you have it! Ikea Couch Hack for around $150. WHAT A STEAL. Tegan and I plan on buying giant pillows to put on the couch and possibly making some of our own as well.