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We frequently get asked what platform we use for our blog. For years, that platform has been Squarespace. We chose Squarespace because it makes it’s easy to learn, use, and grow with.


What we really like about Squarespace is that it links so well with our aesthetic. There are so many beautiful layouts to choose from that, when we started, we actually had trouble choosing just one. Fortunately, if you choose a layout and a month later you find one that you like even more — you can switch and all of your content will transfer automatically. If you’re planning on completely making over your page, you can choose a new design and only launch when you’re ready to go live.

Creating posts is also super easy, and uploading videos can be done with just a few clicks — which we looooove! Our blog is actually linked to our YouTube channel, so any videos that we upload are automatically available to us for posts.


Tegan and I try to stay at least 1 week ahead with our blog posts. This can be quite challenging. We have to plan what we blog about a month ahead of time and fill out our calendar accordingly. This allows our vision of next month’s topics and posts to be a bit more clear. We try to pick posts that are different than one another and spread them out. For example: 

Monday: Hair Tutorial
Tuesday: Update Post
Wednesday: DIY
Thursday: Style Post
Friday: Recipe 

Once we have posts written out, we go back and fill in additional ideas that we have for them! Writing things out one step at a time prevents us from feeling overwhelmed.

Squarespace is great for writing up posts because we can create drafts and add content to them as we go. Nothing feels better as a blogger than having multiple drafts cued up! 

Please send us an email if you have any questions! 
This post is a Collaboration with Squarespace.

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