Wooden Coat Rack Stand DIY

A few weeks ago we were out in Gastown doing a little window shopping, trying to get some inspiration for the studio. We saw this gorgeous coat rack similar to this one, but for hundreds of dollars. We thought it looked simple enough so we went to Home Depot to get some supplies and give it a try! We picked up three wooden dowel's in different sizes. To be honest, we got different sizes because it was a lot cheaper! The thickest one was about $20, and the other two were around $10 each. I wouldn't suggest doing all of them with the skinny dowel, because you want at least one of them to be nice and strong to hold the weight of coats. This DIY turned out really well, we can thrown on a big pile of coats and it's not going anywhere, it's the perfect addition to our space, simple and minimal.

You'll Need:
- Drill
- 3 wooden dowels
- 6-8 screws long enough to go through both dowels
- Leather or rope to tie around the middle.

1. Start by standing two of the dowels up and holding them in place, mark with a pencil where you want the screws to go in. 

2. Have someone hold them in place, and screw the two dowels together. Once through each end.

3. Stand it up again and place the third dowel (thickest one if your'e doing different sizes) where you want it to line up. Mark with a pencil, and fasten it together with 3 more screws. 

4. You can add a few more to make sure it's sturdy enough

5. Cut a piece of leather and wrap it around the centre to cover up the screws. Secure it in place with a hot glue gun.