Face of Dignity

We are SO thrilled to introduce you to our new favourite make up company. There are so many things we LOVE about Face of Dignity, here are a few of them: 

1.  We finally found a make up company that promotes HEALTHY and positive self-image when it comes to make up. 
2. Natural products that are beneficial to your skin, and aren't like the name brand products which are filled with the worst chemicals for your skin.
3. Everyone who helps with the company are volunteer, and 100% of the profits go toward I Will Bring Change - a charity that works with prevention of human trafficking, and the rescue, restoration, and reintegration of survivors.

"There are currently 30 million people sold into sexual slavery and labour exploitation, more than any other time in history. We exist to bring change to their lives and to help end the fastest-growing crime industry in the world."

Buckle up my friends, I'm not lying to you when I say this company has inspired and encouraged Tegan and I SO much! We feel like it is the exact company we have been looking for to promote to our readers. What a dream! 


I (Lindsay) have GOTTA SAY - I have really been struggling for a long while with getting the right make up for my face! I have had quite the challenge trying to find any natural make up that covers my skin properly. Having skin problems, It doesn't help to buy the "good coverage" make up, which works so well but happens to be filled with chemicals - not helping my skin to get any better - a vicious cycle. 
I was so excited and blown away at how well this make up works. It COVERS, and it is actually healthy for my skin, which will benefit my skin in the long run. It is really quite a miracle for me, ha! 


Something that we really love about this make up, is the positive marketing that surrounds every single product. For example, my foundation powder is called "Value", and my concealer is "Confidence" all of their products promote beauty and strength. Such a cool company that just gives and gives and supports women in every way.


I used to use Mac liquid foundation for years until after high school when my skin started breaking out. I loved how the liquid covered but went on to something more natural and lighter to try and help it clear up. I used Bare Minerals for years and it really helped my skin but I was never as happy with the coverage. When everything happened with my mom and she was on her journey to discover the not so natural side of the natural products industry, I've been looking for something new and was never super happy until now. I love the app called "Think Dirty," I would roam the aisles of Sephora or a drug store looking for something clean and it is rare to find! That said, this is something that I've become very passionate about, Dan and I have switched over almost everything in our house to products that are clean. Makeup was the last one on the list because it's hard! And because it's also expensive. I've slowly been replacing my products as the old ones run empty. That's another great thing about Face of Dignity, is they're affordable. 

I've been using the liquid foundation, as well as the powder on some days when I need a bit of extra coverage.