Denim on Denim

Happy Monday! We're up in Whistler for the weekend and having a nice, relaxing time up here with our dad, so nice to get away together. Friday marked 3 months since mom passed and it feels like it's been so quick but also forever. It's been nice to be busy, but it means you don't know when the grief will hit you. At least for me. It's been a whirlwind of emotions, and then throw in the lack of sleep due to an eating-every-2-to-3-hours-baby and a video about Disneyland will make me cry. (but seriously, I need to go back to disneyland, it hurts my heart how long it's been, also that video is incredible!) So I really hope you have a great start to your week this Monday, winter has hit, full force, and it's fuhreeezing but it's great, Christmas is coming. 

This is the perfect top for nursing! I'm so happy I stumbled upon it. And I love my Mama Gems <3. This was also my first experience ordering jeans online, I was a bit scared with sizing, because denim can be super tricky, but they fit perfectly! I love them, they're super comfy and have the perfect amount of stretch without stretching out right away. 

Top: Blank NYC
Jeans: Blank NYC
Boots: Teva
Necklace: Mama Gems