Treasures Shop #tandtonme GIVEAWAY

Hey everyone! We have a FUN giveaway for you today!! HERE IS WHAT'S UP.

We are giving away AS A PACKAGE : our Treasures Shop Lazy Locks Dry Shampoo, Blush Candle, Spark Ring, Oh Honey Bracelet, SodaPop Body Whip, and Sweet Mint Confetti Soap


Upload a photo of YOU doing / making / wearing a Treasures & Travels inspired outfit, doing a T&T DIY from the past, or making one of our recipes, or even doing one of our hair tutorials!! Upload your photo and tag #tandtonme to win!! The contest starts TODAY and will go until DECEMBER 1st! You can do it!! If you have old photos on your instagram where you have been inspired by a T&T post, add the hashtag to the photo and you can be entered that way as well! 

There will be ONE winner who will win this WHOLE pile of goodies, and we will ship to anywhere in the world. GOODLUCK! GO GO GO GO GO! 


-A photo of you with this or this or this hair tutorial (or any of ours ever)
-A photo of you using/wearing a Treasures Shop product you have purchased in the past
-A photo of you doing this DIY, or this DIY or this DIY.
-A photo you have uploaded from one of our past Treasures partiessss / events
-A photo of you making this recipe, or this, or this, or this! 
-A photo of you wearing a T&T inspired outfit like this, or this, or
-A photo of a nail tutorial you were inspired by! Like this or this!

GO GO GO GO GO ! HASHTAG #tandtonme TO WIN ***if you have used this hashtag before you WILL be in the running for the giveaway! 

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