Coquitlam Centre Finds // Black Friday

We put together some of our favourite pieces from Coquitlam Centre - in preparation for some fun black friday shopping coming up this week! There are going to be major sales, and we wanted to show our top picks for you to keep your eye on! Also a great chance for you to go and grab some early Christmas presents, December is rolling up FAST. The mall is going to be giving away 5 - $1000 shopping sprees, so head on over to the mall THIS FRIDAY for more information on how to enter! Yowza! (Click here to read about the 4 ways you can enter!) We are going to be heading there on friday as well, see you there! 

This Black vest and cropped sweater is from Plenty. This store is filled with lots of amazing brands that we love (Mink Pink, Free People, etc) So many cozy choices there!

Heyo sparkle pants! These fun pants are from H&M and are perfect for the holiday season/New Years just around the corner. Throw these on with a pair of heels and a chunky sweater and you are good to go, my friends.

I realized today that I have a thing with grey sweater dresses, I am always drawn to them! I think it's the fact that you're wearing a dress, but you're still so comfy. It's just perfect to me! This one is from Plenty, and I love that it has a zipper down the back, just dresses it up a bit. 

This coat from H&M and scarf from Dynamite are a pretty great combo, I kind of want to decorate my nonexistent cabin with the hues from that scarf. Just so pretty and pastel with the subtle pop of orange. We were bundled up outside today and it was so crisp and clear, so happy to be out and about in the sunshine rather than the rain, it's just so much more enjoyable! 

Bundle up with cozy (and affordable) coats, jackets and sweaters from H&M - like this black fuzzy coat. Pair it with an incredibly soft scarf from Dynamite! (My favourite - it's like sneaking a blanket around everywhere you go)

This basic white blouse from H&M was the SOFTEST, i fell in love. I paired it with this plaid speckled button down skirt from Plenty. 

Our top shoe picks right here! Love these boots - You can find them both at Town Shoes! 

I'm going to live in these perfectly high-waisted jeans this fall! They are only $25 too! I think it's great with this cozier than ever sweater from Plenty, it's the perfect turtleneck sweater without being to extremely floppy (do you know what I mean?) 

We hope you have a fun and safe long weekend, and maybe we'll see you on Friday! Oh and we had a hilarious time getting photos taken with Santa when we were at the mall earlier this week, Hazel had a blank expression on her face the whole time, it was fun. Lindsay and I have had lots of conversations lately about malls, our mom LOVED malls. She somehow knew every one we went to so well, and just loved to find a new one. So there's a fun little nostalgia for us going to them, and wandering through the busy crowds and shops. It's not for everyone, but there's something about it I love - especially this time of year, with the Christmas music playing, and decorations everywhere. Just make sure your first stop involves a warm, eggnoggy drink in your hand, you'll be ok ;) Christmas is only a month away! 

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