Eucalyptus Christmas Wreath DIY

I love making wreaths, it's fun experimenting with different greenery and flowers! We thought it would be fun to add eucalyptus to this one, it not only smells amazing but it dries really nice too! We went to Whole Foods and picked out a few different florals, they always have a great selection. It's festive without having any traditional holiday garland which is a bit fun, it's just simple and pretty. Last year we made a big holiday wreath using only findings from our backyard, so you can really make one out of anything, whether it's your backyard or local flower shop!

1. Start by cutting a piece of wire to the size you want your wreath. Twist the ends around each other to secure it. use pliers to clamp the ends around itself. 

2. Cut a bunch of pieces of thin wire for securing the branches to the thick wire. 
3. Start by securing one piece of greenery to the wire base with the thin wire.
4. Add the next piece of greenery down the wire so that about half of it its covering the first piece. Continue doing this along the wire until the entire base is covered.

I alternated with the different greenery and floral pieces, and then once it was covered, went over it again adding the berries to any spots that felt bare.

Show us your wreath, or any other diy's you've done using the #TANDTONME on instagram to enter into our giveaway! It's running for one more week!