Capturing The Simple Moments

I can’t believe it is already mid November!! Time is really flying by, and it always surprises me how time likes to run. This fall has been very beautiful and feels very nostalgic (as it always seems to feel for me). This fall has also been a season of intense changes and challenges. Our lives seem to be flipped and it really has shifted our perspective on a lot of things. Tegan and I have been aware of how we view the simple, everyday, so called “normal” moments in a brand new way. But lately the moments we want to capture seem to be the moments in-between. Tegan and I usually have a giant camera that we lug around our necks all day long, until we discovered the Olympus PEN E-PL7. We have been enjoying having this amazing quality camera that is perfect for on-the-go moments. We can actually fit it in our purse, and it is so easy to whip out in any moment. It takes amazing video as well which we LOOOOVE! Plus, it even has a selfie-cam so you can get the highest quality selfies ;).

We are recognizing and appreciating the slow mornings and cozy mid-day cuddles with Hazel. Even our commute has moments that we acknowledge as special, even if it consists of walking  in the rain with our arms full of giant pieces of foam for a DIY, or plants, or new IKEA furniture with Hazel in the other arm. Lately there have been countless times where we pause in a moment, take a breath, smile, laugh, enjoy. Time runs fast and we want to be present in it. Realizing that days can seem normal and redundant, but within that, if you choose to see it - therein lies such simple beauty in moments like these.

Tegan and I are so lucky to have a job where we can cuddle with Hazel all day long! She spends every day with us at the studio, and we realize this place is going to hold a lot of her “firsts.” Being bloggers, we tend to “capture” a lot of things, everyday.

Coffee Coffee Coffee!! We brought eggnog into the studio for the first time! HURRAY! We are very lucky to have a coffee station set up in our studio so we can have bottomless coffee alllllll-day-long.

All these photos are taken from our Olympus PEN E-PL7, and we love having something to use instead of just pulling out the ‘ol cell phone. You know when you look through your phone and notice a few really precious photos that you completely forgot about?? They seem to get lost in the folders and you just seem to lose track of classic, special moments.

I’m a nostalgia junkie FOR SURE, and I am enjoying being more intentional about capturing these everyday life moments on this camera instead, knowing that I will just love looking back at this stage of our lives.

We just love these moments with Hazel babe. We are constantly in her face snapping photos trying to pause the best moments we share. Her smiles, her rare bursts of  laughter, and she is almost crawling!! She is changing SO FAST, and we love being able to whip out our camera and attempt to slow her down, (yeah...right). We love her, and we just love these changing moments, and choose to shift our perspective and be more in them. Now, some people might say “You aren’t truly living if you just have a camera in your face all the time, trying to capture the moment instead of being present” buuuuut, sometimes I would choose to disagree. I wish we had more moments like this with our dear Mother who passed away a few months ago. We wished we could have captured those everyday, simple and normal moments with her. We have a couple photos and they are so dear to us. You never know what tomorrow will hold, and it is special for us to have these moments so accessible.

Thank you for allowing us to share a day in our life at the studio, captured by our PEN E - PL7 and 14-42mm II R lens.
This post was brought to you by Olympus. The content and photos are my own.

This post is brought to you by Olympus.