What Tegan Wore // Fall Favourites

I have to say I'm quite smitten with this weather. The rain came yesterday and it was quite comforting. Although I wasn't quite prepared, by time I was heading home it was pouring and I was getting soaked in my light cardigan and sneakers. Time to bring out the bluntys and hooded jackets. Fine by me! It's funny how at the end of every season (except Summer, always miss Summer) I feel like I can't imaging being excited for it ever again. I know I'll feel that way about the rain soon, but for now I'm loving the cozy feelings and am getting excited for December and all that it holds. 

I am still pretty much drooling over these shoes. They are dreamy, comfy, and oh so fun. I always get asked where these overalls came from, I bought them at H&M last December when my bump was just starting to grow, I'm glad that I can still wear them post pregnancy!

This linen top from Elizabeth Suzann is my favourite. At first I was afraid to wear it because of Hazel, but I finally got over that and wear it all the time, it washes really well and has only gotten better with time!

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