Leader Bag Co.

I have to share my love for the most perfect diaper bag! I have used this every day since Hazel was born, and I can't say enough good things about it. I love that it's "gender neutral," Dan loves wearing it, it works so well for both of us! It has a ton of pockets, and sections, which for me - I love. It lets me keep everything organized so when I need to grab that spare pacifier or diaper I know exactly where it is. I always get compliments on it, people as if it's actually a diaper bag. Keep doing what you're doing Leader Bag Co

It comes with this lovely little clutch and a changing pad. Life saver when I just want to run into a shop but don't need everything, I can throw my wallet and keys in here, and again it's gorgeous, and a piece that I can use for years to come

These are a few of my favourite things! My Native Wilds Nest I take with me everywhere. My favourite diaper rash cream and lotion, they're both amazing. I'm so aware of the products I'm putting on my and Hazel's skin. I've become a bit OCD you could say? I have this app called Think Dirty, and it's completely ruined me (in a good way!) I've been scanning all of the products I would normally use, and it's really opened my eyes to how may chemicals are in everyyyything. Dan and I recently watched a documentary called The Human Experiment, and since seeing that, has really pushed us to make a lot of small lifestyle changes. It's a slow, gradual change, but that's the easiest way to do it, just making one choice to change something until it feels natural, and then continuing down that path. 

Another documentary we watched was Cowspiracy, that one as well had a big impact on us. I've seen the animal documentaries about slaughter houses and how terrible it can be, but if anything they just make me want to know where my meat comes from, and has encouraged me to just buy it from the butcher across the street. We don't eat a ton of it anyway, so when we do, we're not only supporting a local business, but we know it's coming from a good place. Anyway, this documentary was the first one that was like WOW for the sake of the planet, not eating meat is such a good choice. So that's my friday ramble for you, I recommend those doc's, and also Mission Blue.