Glamping Hub : Mount Hood Part 1

We were SO excited to escape away to Oregon for the weekend with some of our best girl friends. Tegan, Kir, Bethany, little Hazel and I headed South to Mount Hood, where we stayed at this beautiful house provided by Glamping Hub. It was a much needed vacation, and though it was a quick trip, we got some good quality time in. 

We left in the early evening on Friday and made it to the house late at night. As we were getting out of the car, Bethany saw a small animal move on the lawn, and as soon as she pointed it out, there was this giant growl from the bushes. All of us were standing in the dark outside of the car and RAN SO FAST back into the car and closed the doors. We waited in silence for a couple seconds then burst out laughing when Bethany said "I actually think that might have been a car's engine". We headed inside, lit a fire, and immediately fell in love with this cozy house. 

The next morning we all slept in, woke up to the sunshine and put on our matching plaid robes that were provided in the house. Along with the robes, the hosts of the house were so so kind, and provided eggs, bread, orange juice and coffee for our breakfast! We had such a lovely and funny time making food together in our robes and socks. It felt so good for us all to be together with no agenda, so refreshing! (CLICK HERE TO FIND THE HOUSE WE STAYED AT)

This is only PART 1 of our Glamping Hub stay in Mount Hood! You as well, can stay at THIS very house. We love scrolling through Glamping Hub and finding all of the coolest places to stay at, it is definitely a fun way to get away for a weekend.