New Table in the Studio

We are so thrilled to have this beautiful, BEAUTIFUL table in our studio. It is one thing to simply purchase a lovely piece of furniture, but to have it designed and slaved over by one of your good friends, is such an honour. 

If you have been following along on our Instagram - getting this table into the studio has been quite the journey! We borrowed a good friends 12 passenger van, took out all the seats, left Vancouver and headed across the border down South to Seattle. It was such a lovely trip. My roommate Elaine and I met up with my good friend Tony of Timshel Woodworking, and his wife Sharis for dinner and wine. That night we went out for drinks, and Tony let us into his studio to take a first look at this beautiful table he made for us. I almost cried. It was so cool to see such a special collaboration of endless emails and face-times come together so beautifuly It all started with a feature on his business (which you can read here) and then I asked him if he could make a MUCH larger version of THIS wooden serving tray. He happily and eagerly agreed and was off to work on it.

We drove the van back from Seattle to Vancouver, and the boarder guards were slightly confused and suspiciously curious as to why these two giggly girls had a giant van with a table in it. We lugged the table up two sets of stairs, (I was literally shaking afterwards and my body felt like jello for hours), we then screwed on the steel legs, and VIOLA! 

I am so grateful for collaborations, and the stories that are behind them. It is one of our favourite things about blogging! We love that we have a platform to share businesses we believe in and love, especially when they are our good friends. :)

It feels so good that slowly our studio is coming together!! Tegan and I did a few IKEA trips, set up some shelving and done some organizing. The boys from Thoughtbox Visuals, who share our space have just finished our coffee bar!