What Lindsay Wore // Gentle Fawn & Bryr

Gentle Fawn is definitely one of our favs! All of the pieces I have from them are so unbelievably comfortable, the fabric is always so soft. They have so many unique pieces, and fun "spins" on your average plaid or maxi dress. By turning the plaid shirt into a fun dress, or the casual maxi into a classy slit dress. I love that you can dress up or dress down most of their pieces. 

I got these pants in Europe! I really wanted to find a fun article of clothing that was a bit different than what I'd normally buy. I found these fun pants at a vintage store in Rome. It was off a random side street,  with brick walls all around and vines running down them. We felt like we were in some sort of dream. Then we came across this adorable hole in the wall vintage shop and were SO excited, like we found a little hidden gem in the city walls. I bought these pants and love that they have a fun and nostalgic memory attached to them. 

Tegan and I have been so in love with our Bryr Clogs. I wear them all the time, around the city and around home. They are so comfortable and can class up any outfit. I am SO in love with their new fall line, you should check out their look book, I am obsessed with these black leather & felt clogs. 

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