Hair Tutorial // How To Get Natural Looking Curls for Short Hair

I've had a lot of people ask me lately how I style my hair! This is my favourite go-to look. My hair is very straight (as you can see from the photo below). I've found this to be the best technique for curling my hair as it doesn't give it that super perfect curl where they're all going the same direction. So by alternating the way you hold the wand it will give it that more natural, beachy, wavy hair!

1 // clip the top half of your hair and roughly curl a few underneath pieces. my hair is super thick so I don't bother curling all of it. 

2 // take half (one side) of the top part down and curl each piece, alternating with each piece doing one holding the wand vertical and then the next horizontal. this will help them give a more "natural" look.

3 // repeat the same with the rest of your hair. 

4 // curl the front pieces that frame your face, curling them in the direction away from your face.