A Month of Escape // Washington Roadtrip

Retro Trailer Girls Roadtrip through Pacific Northwest-10.jpg

How cute is Dash? He is this little orange vintage trailer from Old School Trailer Works in Bellingham. We hit the road with our new friend and what a better way to get away for a weekend? How fun! We crossed the border, picked up Dash, and of course our first stop was......

....TJ's! Being from Canada, stocking up at Trader Joe's is always a novelty and is always the first stop once we cross the border. We got some snacks for sandwiches, popcorn, fruit and some iced tea!

We took a long scenic drive and at the end of it found ourselves at this adorable sweets shop in (what felt like) the middle of nowhere. Thats one of the most fun parts about road trips- all the hidden gems you find on the way. Don't let them pass you by, its always good to leave yourself time to stop along the way at places that catch your eye! They might just be the most magical moments of your trip. Thanks for the sweet treats Mary & Sheila! 

We headed over to Goat Mountain Pizza in Old Bellingham to say hi to our friend Andrew (remember him from here?) and grab a few slices of the most delicious pizza you have ever tasted! The pizza came served on a wooden cutting board with the tiniest chocolate chip cookie ever on the side, so cute. 

Then we obviously had to walk across the street to and pick up a box of doughnuts, and they didn't last long. This was also the moment when Lindsay realized her wallet & passport were missing. (as you can tell by the photo below, not much can get that girl down). 

Nothing feels better than not counting the hours and just relaxing with your buds in a trailer all weekend! You need nothing more than blankets, pillows, snacks, music, and good company. 

This road trip was a truly magical time! But with every road trip comes at least a few hiccups. Watch our video below and see what I mean (lost wallet / passport, truck battery died twice, lots of bumps and bruises...) Once we dropped Dash off we headed back toward the border (and to get gas because its way cheaper in the Washington). Yes, Lindsay was let back into Canada without her passport, luckily! 

Over all we had such a lovely time! We met new people, saw old friends, and have loads of new jokes and memories.