A Month Of Escape Recap


A month full of road trip adventures, boat rides, mountain tops and coastlines. We are so grateful for all the people who have helped us make this month happen. We had so much fun adventuring around our city and exploring our own backyards. It doesn't take much to escape from our daily routine lives in a healthy way. Take a trip to the water, the mountains, the forest, a field, go for a walk, go for a run. "Escaping" doesn't necessarily mean jump full on into nature and go on a great adventure.

What we wanted to express this month is that "escaping" from your daily routine to take a few seconds to open your eyes. To see the things around you, and to be careful not to get too caught up. Whether this means taking a few extra minutes to slow down in your mornings, drink your coffee or tea while writing in your journal, taking time to read a good book, treating your body to a nice relaxing bath at the end of the day, going for a walk and allowing time to think and re-inspire. Perspective is so important, and we hope this month helped motivate you to take that extra time, big or small, to treat yourself to some inspiration. Just look around. Open your eyes. Remember you are special and you are loved.

Our first Month of Escape adventure was a trip to Grouse Mountain! Our good friend Alex took us on a tour of the mountain, took the chairlift to the viewing tower, ate some cinnamon elephant ears, and even saw some bears!

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We then went on a Roadtrip down in Washington with a new little orange friend from Old School Trailer Works named DASH! 

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We spent a few days in Whistler!
We ended on the mountaintop riding the Peak 2 Peak, (Watch us be a bit too scared on the worlds largest gondola in our video below). We spent some time in Whistler Village, we dined, we hiked, and adventured through the trees!

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Another highlight of our Month of Escape was our incredible weekend away with FP Me! Free People is an incredibly inspiring company, and the girls who took us on this trip were so talented and lovely. The scenic ferry ride to Half Moon Bay was gorgeous in itself, we couldn't believe how breathtaking the rest of our sights were! Hikes and kayak rides, yoga and dining, there was so much beauty all around!

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Thank you everyone who participated in helping this month happen! Especially thank you to Tourism Whistler, Hello BC, Rockwater Secret Cove Resort, Free People, FP Me, and Old School Trailer Works

We also can't thank YOU enough, those of you who are reading this. We appreciate your eyes and your hearts in your continual support in our journey with this blog. You inspire us to continue writing, searching for the next best recipe, DIY-ing, adventuring, and attempting to capture the inspiration around us. Thank you for bearing with us as we continue to learn and grow! We appreciate every comment, message, like, and share. It means the world to us that you care enough to share this journey with us. 

CAN'T WAIT to share with you what our next "Month Of" is! We promise you it will be Cozy ;)