Make Your Legs Happy!

We made our legs happy with Skintimate as part of a sponsored post for Socialstars #SkintimateStars. All of the opinions expressed in this post are our own.

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Autumn is a time for hibernation! We love getting cozy and spending a lot more time indoors this time of year. I don’t know about you, but every summer day that the sun is shining, we feel guilty about staying inside. So now as we transition to the winter months, we easily fall into the routine of throwing on a couple extra layers and, like most girls, become guilty of falling into the trend of going those extra few days (*cough* or weeks *cough*) without shaving. But this winter we are challenging ourselves to not let that happen!

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We are strong believers in taking good care of yourself on the inside, from what you decide to fill your stomach with to what you decide to fill your mind with. But taking care of your body on the outside can be just as crucial to the way you feel about yourself. We love to spend a little bit of time drawing a hot bubble bath, and treating ourselves to a relaxing soak after a long day or on a slow morning. It’s the perfect time to relax, reflect, and give your body some time to feel rejuvenated!

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To set a calming mood, I love to turn down the lights, light a scented candle, and grab a magazine or book and some favourite products to pamper my bod. My routine starts by exfoliating with a body scrub and loofa to get rid of all that dry skin, shaving with Skintimate® shave gel to help nourish, moisturize and protect my skin for silky smooth and happy legs, and then I am always sure to lather on a rich lotion. (After watching an Oprah episode where all of these 60-year-old women looked like they were about 25, I started moisturizing my skin multiple times a day… Maybe you’ll see me on Oprah in 40 years.)World!

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What is your favourite way to relax, cozy in, and take care of your body this time of year?

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