Hair Tutorial // Boho Braid

This braid seems a little bit intimidating but its actually easy once you get the hang of it! It's a fun way to add something extra to an already mess do. I like to start with loose waves, messed up with a little beach spray and backcombing. 

Step 1: Split a small section into 3 strands, the way you would start a normal braid. 

Step 2: Pull the middle strand behind one of the outer strands, you are going to be doing a figure 8 shape with this strand. 

Step 3: Next bring that middle strand back around the front of the outer strand. 

Step 4: Pull the strand across and behind the opposite outer strand. 

Step 6: Pull the middle strand around the front of the same outer stand. Then start the sequence over again by bringing the middle strand back behind the first outer strand. 

Repeat these steps until you reach the end, and secure the braid by backcombing, wrapping with wire or tying with a small clear elastic. 

The key part to making this look messy and boho is loosening the braid. Tug the middle strand out all the way down so that you can really see the figure 8 shape. Rub the braid between your fingers to mess it up a little.

Try adding a few of these to a messy hair style, some on the top layer some on the underneath.  

Lipstick colour: Ilia - In My Room