A Month of Ice Cream // Taco Tuesday

I was just saying to Dan the other day how I wished I could eat taco's every day. I looove tacos. So when I saw that Rain or Shine Ice Cream had a taco Tuesday....I nearly lost my mind. 

This sneaky taco waffle cone shell is genius. How has no one (to my knowledge) ever thought of this!? It was so, so, sooo yummy! 

I tried a scoop of the blueberry balsamic, and a scoop of the honey lavender, with a little bit of eureka lemon olive oil drizzled on top I love that their ice cream is made right here in Vancouver, and the do their best to use the freshest ingredients sourced locally, seasonally and organically. Their menu is always changing and they make everything from scratch, you can sure taste the difference!

vancouver ice cream amonthoficecream a month of blog-33.jpg

Today is the first rainy day we've had in a looooong time, I was shocked when I heard the rain start coming down last night! We may have ran around the block doing a little rain dance at midnight because it was so warm and almost foreign to us. I know, and we live in Vancouver. Hope the sun comes back soon, but it's nothing a little Rain or Shine ice cream can't cure.

vancouver ice cream amonthoficecream a month of blog-28.jpg